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26 Nov

Deciding on a senior community for your loved one is no easy task. Luckily there are senior housing specialists and questions to help you in this process. We have compiled 50 questions to ask when deciding on a senior community:

  1. Is there an RN on staff?  Or who is the RN “oversight”?  How often does she/he visit the AFH?  In ALF, how many RN’s, LPN’s and Care Coordinators are available and when?  Full time/part time?
  2. What is the day time and night time staff ratio?
  3. Are you able to care for residents that are aggressive or exhibit disruptive behaviors?
  4. Can you care for wheelchair bound or bedridden patients?
  5. Do you do a 2 person transfer? Or would the resident have to move again to another facility?
  6. How many hours of staff training are required?
  7. How does the facility measure the quality of care provided residents?
  8. How thoroughly do they help with personal hygiene, toothbrushing and toileting?
  9. What is the staff turnover?
  10. What is the staff to resident ratio?
  11. Does the cost increase as care needs increase?
  12. What social activities are included in the cost?  Are there activities on the weekends? 
  13. How do they keep track of showers and bathing residents?
  14. How do they keep track of personal laundry services and linen/towel services?
  15. Can they accommodate special diets?
  16. What are the results of their last State Full Survey?
  17. Do they have transportation to doctor’s appointments?
  18. If transportation is provided, is it limited to blocks of time during the week or is there a mile maximum?
  19. Are residents accompanied by staff?
  20. What is the protocol in case of emergency or when a resident is taken by ambulance to the ED?
  21. Is there a charge for tray service to the room?
  22. What is the community mandate on marijuana use? The same rules apply to both residents and employees.
  23. What kind of food do they provide? Is it made from scratch?
  24. What services are included in the monthly fee?
  25. What amenities are available?
  26. Are there special outings? Shopping? Casino trips?
  27. Is there a hair salon in the community?
  28. Is there a move in fee?
  29. Is there a fee for a second person?
  30. Does the community accept Medicaid? Or a spend down?
  31. How does the community determine what services/care are needed for the resident?
  32. How are medications ordered and replenished?
  33. Are there religious or cultural programs?
  34. Are there rules for behavior that residents need to comply? Can they be kicked out if these are not met?
  35. How many rooms are in the community and what is the layout?
  36. Can you bring any of your own furniture?
  37. Are pets allowed?
  38. Is smoking allowed?
  39. How do the staff interact with the residents? Are they friendly? Do they know each resident by name?
  40. Do you like the look and feel of the building?
  41. What does the community smell like? Is it clean or is there an odor?
  42. Is the parking convenient?
  43. Do the apartments have cable tv and wireless internet? Are these included in the monthly fee?
  44. Is there a care plan for each individual resident?
  45. What ways can you make a payment? Will you receive a reminder?
  46. Are there any outdoor amenities available? Walking paths or trails?
  47. Are there emergency call buttons in each room?
  48. How often does the staff check in on each person?
  49. What are the move out policies?
  50. What happens if there is a medical emergency?

If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we would be more than happy to help!

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